Our First Book!

The Most Love Ever! by Mary Hoy Schmidt features a conversation between a grandmother and her granddaughter at bedtime – a very special and memorable time in the life of a young child. In the tale, the two help each other come to a wondrous recognition of how “big” love can actually get – and the little girl learns some new words and meanings as her worldview broadens to include them.

The Most Love Ever! is the first offering in our proposed four-part “LOVE” series. The working title of the second book is More Love to Share with a third and fourth title complementing the theme of the series.

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The Most Love Ever! is now being sold in Paperback, Hardcover and eBook formats in Chapters/Indigo/Coles stores and online at Indigo.ca and Amazon, as well as on this site.

Please click this link to see Reviews, including some wonderful comments from Staci Rae, blogger for the Canadian Mom’s Website, 3 Plus a Bunny: Praise for “The Most Love Ever!”

Sneak Peek: First Three Spreads of “The Most Love Ever!”

To order The Most Love Ever! directly from the Publisher, use our secure “Buy Now” portal at https://risingintent.com/products/, or simply email mary@risingintent.com with your request.

If you like to read to your child at bedtime or quiet time or anytime, you will love this book!

If you are a grandparent or have a grandparent or know a grandparent, you will love this book!

If you are a child, or have a child or know a child, you will love this book!

If you enjoy teaching your child about the power of love and the wonders of the world, you will love this book!