Our First Book!

“The Most Love Ever!” by Mary Hoy Schmidt features a conversation between a grandmother and her granddaughter at bedtime – a very special and memorable time in the life of a young child. In the tale, the two help each other come to a wondrous recognition of how “big” love can actually get – and the little girl learns some new words and meanings as her worldview broadens to include them.

“The Most Love Ever!” is the first offering in our proposed four-part “LOVE” series. The working title of the second book is “More Love to Share”, with a third and fourth title complementing the theme of the series.

“Top Pick” on Mystic Moms’ Bookends List!

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The Most Love Ever! is now being sold in Paperback, Hardcover and eBook formats in Chapters/Indigo/Coles stores and online at Indigo.ca!

Book signings have been taking place, and next in line is on August 24 at the Coles Store, Masonville Place, London, from 11.am. to 3 p.m. – Hope to see you there!

We are happy also to add a wonderful new Review from Staci Rae, blogger for the Canadian Mom’s Website, 3 Plus a Bunny. Please click this link to see this and all Reviews: Praise for “The Most Love Ever!”

Sneak Peek: First Three Spreads of “The Most Love Ever!”

To order directly from the Publisher, use our secure “Buy Now” portal at https://risingintent.com/products/, or simply email mary@risingintent.com with your request.

If you like to read to your child at bedtime or quiet time or anytime, you will love this book!

If you are a grandparent or have a grandparent or know a grandparent, you will love this book!

If you are a child, or have a child or know a child, you will love this book!

If you enjoy teaching your child about the power of love and the wonders of the world, you will love this book!