Praise for “The Most Love Ever!”

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What if you could teach your child about big concepts like time, space, and quantum physics, and how there are no boundaries to love? What if you could do this in a simple, relatable way? Mary Hoy Schmidt lets us into her bedtime ritual with her granddaughter, and opens up a world of wonder and possibilities for us all.

Through the true story of her conversations with her granddaughter Evelyn, we learn about the exponential power of love. With simple illustrations and text, Mary and Evelyn share how big our love can grow and how it will last forever.

The power of a grandparent’s love brought this gem to life for me. The fact that three generations of women created the story, inspires me to create with my own children.

The Most Love Ever! reminds us how children are never too young to understand the secrets of the universe, and we adults are never too old to learn from our wise little ones. Share this book with your child, grandchild, or classroom, and witness the power of love grow ever wider.

Helps with: grandparenting, bedtime rituals, imagination, self-worth, sharing love, simplifying quantum physics, understanding the power of love, the universe, time and space, eternity and infinity.

 Carolyn Jyoti Burke, MSW, E-RYT 1000 – DevaTree, Mystic Moms



The vibrant illustrations and charming story of The Most Love Ever! beautifully convey the unconditional love between a grandmother and her granddaughter. The book uses the depth and breadth of this love to help young minds grasp the big concepts of infinity and eternity. For me, the even greater value of this book is its opportunity to talk about love with our grandchildren. From the earliest age, children worry about the love they receive: do they deserve to be loved, will we stop loving them, do we give more love to others than to them. As well, they worry about the love they give. On days when they can’t feel their love for us, or sense they don’t love us the way they used to, or fear they love other people more than us, they can experience painful feelings of guilt. This book is the perfect vehicle to remind our little people that they are worthy of love and that their hearts are of great resilience and infinite capacity.     

 – Lyndsay Green, Best-selling author whose books include The Well-Lived Life: Live with Purpose and Be Remembered.



“The Most Love Ever!” explores the sacred relationship between a grandmother and her granddaughter. It shares the tenderness of the precious moments between Evelyn and her grandma as they try to put into words the magnitude of their love for one another. A love that truly transcends time and space.

– Emily Butler, Mom and Principal, St Theresa Primary School, London, Ontario 



“The Most Love Ever!”, the first book in “The Love Series”, is a true tale, expertly retold, about the love between a grandmother and her granddaughter.

Tender and endearing, beautifully illustrated and imaginatively recounted, this book provides a loving, learning and entertaining experience for children of all ages.

In my experience, I have found that young children love big words and new concepts, and this author creatively and gently leads them into a beginning understanding of the universe!

I eagerly anticipate the second book in the series!

– Nancy Butler, Retired Educational Assistant: JK/SK, and grandmother of five.



“The Most Love Ever!” is a delightful story, telling of loving exchanges between a grandmother and her grandchild. The power of love, curiosity and creativity is evident as they explore together, “big” concepts in simple ways, using language that is clear and understandable for the young child. 

 This book is sure to be a favourite among grandmothers and their dear ones for years to come.

 – Michelle Alonso, Retired Elementary School Teacher



The moment after I read this book, my first reaction was “Aw, she (Evelyn) is so cute and smart!” I immediately wanted to bring this book to my classroom.

Once I got this book, I shared it with my school children (4 years old). Their reaction to show me how much they love their parents was to stretch their arms all the way behind their backs (as “BIG” as they could), or to show me the size of their love with their two pointer fingers. It was so interactive and funny to watch!

I loved the grandmother’s step-by-step approach to helping the granddaughter understand the new vocabulary, and also expand her world outlook.

A few days after reading this book, I found myself still thinking about the big concept in my mind. It made me think this book is not only for children’s learning, but can also help adults to reflect on their life.

– Lulu Xu, RECE – Registered Early Childhood Educator


Comments shared by other readers: 

Very engaging and totally appropriate!

This book is amazing… great illustrations too.

Very sweet and original.

This is the cutest book!

Love the illustrations!

This book is perfectly lovely in all aspects! So gorgeous to look at, making it very inviting, and with such a wholesome, timely and evolved message.

The children I have definitely enjoyed your book; congratulations on this beautiful accomplishment!

Teaching big lessons through short stories. Everyday situations that children can relate to. A beautiful and creative way to open meaningful dialogue with children.

Simple, yet symbolic imagery. Perfect for drawing children into the magic of each lesson, and allowing their natural imagination to take flight!

This book is extraordinary! I just love the images, their expressions and the colour.

What a charming tribute of the love you have for your little granddaughter. Your simple colours, shapes, and math concepts are delightful.  (Mary Intven Wallace, Award-winning Children’s Book Author and Illustrator)

Great start to what should be a great series!


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