About the Author of “The Most Love EVER!”

Mary Hoy Schmidt is the author of our first Children’s book, to which she brings extensive credentials. Her University degree in English Literature was complemented by a year of study in Social Welfare and an overall emphasis on Psychology and Philosophy. Mary went on to train and specialize in “Learning Disabilities” at a time when this subject was little understood. This label is used to describe children who have average to above-average I.Q.s, but who have certain challenges to learning, such a dyslexia or ADHD. Of course, the “LD” label may be a misnomer, as these challenges neither make children “disabled”, nor do they assure failure either in school or in life. Instead, they call for alternative approaches to learning through a deeper understanding of the individual and a shared effort on the part of teachers, parents and children. Mary went on to co-ordinate Special Camps to help identify children’s specific challenges and strengths, and to find techniques and solutions that could be honed to each child’s learning needs. She then co-created and taught a Program for area schools in fine and gross-motor skills to help these children meet with success. Later, she developed, wrote and taught a specialized College Course based on her experiences in this area, after which she generalized her teaching in “Child Development and Psychology”.

In addition to holding a number of other socially-oriented positions through the years, Mary raised three of her own children, always mindful of teaching them the necessary values and skills through play and creativity. She has found that those same lessons learned through special education apply to all children, for everyone has their own needs, challenges, and strengths. Mary is now a Grandmother of three, dedicating herself to their joy and learning as much as time permits. 

Of course, Mary is also a busy writer, with earlier articles published in magazines like “Today’s Parent”, in which she depicts her understanding and appreciation of the way that children think. She is also a long-time poet who has shared her work at various venues and devoted a great deal of time helping students and grown-ups alike to learn and appreciate the art of poetry. She is the author of Rising Intent's current poetry collection, “Trees, Wind, Wishes”, and is finalizing a large non-fiction project that delves into the deeper aspects of reality and addresses our potential for joy and fulfilment in life.